Philosophy & Approach

Bobo_maskFor the creative learner life is an ever-unfolding and interrelated process that leads to a greater understanding and experience of being human.

The Merge Mentoring Method used here at YATMA stimulates, develops, and nurtures this process in teachers and students alike by improving skills, cultural awareness, character, and psychological health.The integration of these elements creates the unique gestalt that lies at the heart of the Method and catalyzes the ability to think independently and the desire to deeply understand oneself.

The Merge Mentoring Method is founded on the following understandings:

→ good teachers teach how, not what, to think
→ teachers should model their artistic and life experience
→ teachers must be in a personal state of inquiry and creativity in order to transfer that state
→ creating a mutual learning relationship through mentoring is a very effective way to teach
→ strengths-based education, responsive to the student’s learning style, provides a very effective way to learn.

DOE_jpgThis approach stimulates teachers’ creativity so they can teach from the same perspective from which they want their students to learn. Teachers become a driving force in the creative process, mentors and guides who provide students with supportive relationships that build trust and a sense of belonging. These relationships are beneficial to all students, and can provide the turning point for at risk students by freeing their innate desire to grow out of their cocoon of isolation, self-consciousness and fear of failure. Teachers hold students to high standards while adjusting to diverse learning styles, abilities and needs.

This approach also helps teachers and students jointly discover the areas of student strength, thus ensuring the early successes that promote further creativity and motivate further study. Inspired by progress and guided by mentors, students develop their abilities and learn to apply these to other life areas.

YATMA’s goal is for students to become intellectually curious, psychologically sound, and strong in character.