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venturing-coverIf you work with at risk and challenged youth you know they need an individualized, concentrated approach. That’s what you’ll find in Venturing Together: Empowering Students to Succeed – an approach that helps you empower even hard-to-reach  youth to self-educate.


Author Bill Rossi gives you new orientations to develop and bring your own creativity to your teaching, and while Venturing Together focuses on the arts, the principles you’ll discover will help you no matter what you teach.


Bill Rossi is a director at Merge Education, which is donating all profits from the sale of this wonderful book to YATMA.


Read Venturing Together to learn how to:


  • accommodate the full range of learning styles through mutli-dimensional mentoring/teaching
  • remove the “burden of learning” from your teaching and mentoring
  • create an after school environment of inclusion
  • acknowledge students for who they are
  • foster attitudes of mutual respect through creative mentoring
  • ensure you’re not diminishing your students’ creativity
  • keep challenged students engaged and growing
  • provide the architecture for directed, purposeful creativity
  • get in touch with your students’ learning processes to ensure student success

Watch this 4-minute video about one student’s success:

What is Strengths-Based Mentoring?

venturing-front-coverThis creative approach orients the teacher as mentor and guide, and puts the focus on the student’s unique strengths and individual learning process. These are vitally important elements for reaching at risk students. When mentors and students jointly discover students’ strengths, students are ensured the early successes that promote creativity and self-directed learning – what Rossi terms “self-education”. Check out the Venturing Together look inside.


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