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Starting or running a skill-building out of school time program can be daunting, especially if you’re serving hard-to-reach, hard-to-teach youth. You need tools that support your efforts including quantitative and qualitative data all in one place.

How can you keep all the information organized and at your fingertips, while generating the assessment and reports you need? With SETS, the software that was created after decades of managing individualized mentoring programs in mental health and special education environments.

Student Evaluation & Tracking Tool TestimonialSETS has actually made my job easier!
It has changed my perception of evaluation tools,
as I believe it will for any organization that uses it.
Thomasina Winslow, Fine Arts Program Director,
St. Anne Institute, Albany, NY and Delta Blues musician

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SETS was developed by Merge Education after decades of serving challenged students in after-school, special education / alternative schools, and mental health environments. Merge is now donating sale proceeds to us here at YATMA if you purchase SETS through our site.

  • Assess Student Learning
  • Assess Teachers, Mentors and Staff
  • Increase Teacher Effectiveness
  • Generate More Funding
  • Simplify Program Management

Simplify Program Management

Finding it challenging to keep your program organized? Want to simplify program management all in one place? With SETS you can:

  • Easily access information across programs, at your fingertips
  • Communicate with staff, clients, and their significant others
  • Save time with quick attendance entry
  • Manage all contacts from a single database, eliminating the need for multiple lists
  • Efficiently track and manage program details including class rosters, demographics, relevant background information, and activities
  • Compare progress of individuals, groups, and populations – contrast with control groups, if desired
  • Highlight problem areas and causes
  • Determine the most efficient use of resources and control costs

Watch this light-hearted 2-minute video to see why SETS will simplify your job and improve effectiveness:

Assess Student Learning

  • Efficiently record and report on quantitative and qualitative student outcomes including progress reports and goals – all in one place
  • Track outcomes with three quantitative scales: Self-Esteem, Assessment by Others, and Teacher Assessment
  • Just Released! In response to users’ requests to be able to build their own scales to track student progress in specific subjects, activities, or grades, Merge has just released the latest and greatest SETS, Version 8. SETS is now supercharged!

Watch this 2-minute video to see how SETS assesses students and improves your effectiveness:

 Assess Teachers, Mentors, and Staff

Teacher, mentor, and staff performance is a key ingredient for student success. Evaluate teachers and mentors through quantitative and qualitative measurement of their:

  • Understanding and use of your curriculum
  • Implementation of your program’s approach
  • Communication and responsiveness to students and parents
  • Ability and willingness to grasp and incorporate new ideas and approaches and apply to teaching
  • Commitment to the program

Evaluation-testimonialSETS helped me break cycles of repeating ineffective techniques. Once I started tracking my students’ learning curves and the triggers that led to counterproductive behavior, I worked smarter.

My classes began to run more smoothly because I was more in tune with the students’ needs, so more material was being covered and retained. SETS evaluation made my life easier and made me a better teacher. — Dawn Smelser, Dance Teacher, Philadelphia

Generate More Funding

If you run an independent program, funding is often an issue. With SETS you will easily:

  • Demonstrate efficient use of resources with concise program reports
  • Quantify student outcomes including gains in learning ability and behavior
  • Demonstrate your commitment to program integrity and quality

SETS: Affordable, Easy to Use Software

Simple quick-start user manuals and video tutorials with “sandbox” database ensure fast, painless learning (most users require less than 60 minutes of self-training to be up and going):

  • An intuitive menu system provides easy input
  • User security features ensure privacy and confidentiality
  • Comprehensive reports are produced with the click of a button
  • No unnecessary bells and whistles to complicate your job

Student Evaluation & Tracking Tool Testimonial

Best of all, the team behind SETS is exceptionally responsive.

Maggie Leyman, Director of Development, Mighty Writers, Philadelphia


Priced at just $795, SETS is produced and supported by our partner, Merge Education. Purchase through PayPal, by credit card or bank draft – or call Merge at 845.481.2300.

Purchase Here With a No Risk Money-Back Guarantee!

If You Serve At Risk Students, SETS Was Made for You.

Need a little more information? Take the Merge free no-pressure tour, read the FAQ, or learn more about Merge to discover how easy to use SETS really is. Then, just get started with SETS – it’s that simple!

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 Student Evaluation & Tracking System Software


At Mighty Writers, we are always looking for better ways to evaluate impact. Beyond testimonials and observation, it can be hard to measure improvements in self-esteem and academic achievement in out-of-school programs.

SETS immediately jumped out as a tool that could help us quantify impact — and keep us organized.

SETS has been especially useful for us because we were able to tailor it to our specific needs, and it enables us to directly involve our constituents in the evaluation process through surveys and check-ins.

Maggie-Leyman-w-studentBest of all, the team behind SETS is exceptionally responsive. — Maggie Leyman,Director of Development, Mighty Writers, Philadelphia