Bill Rossi – YATMA Founder

Bill RossiA graduate of Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Bill taught on the Berklee faculty, played professionally for many years, and taught music in his private studio where he developed the Merge Mentoring Method that accommodates multi-dimensional learning and instills and develops the Fundamentals of Empowerment™.

Rossi then disseminated his method as YATMA executive director, training other musicians, artists and educators in his approach. They ultimately served over 2,500 youth and adults.

After these years of research and active collaboration with other professionals in the field, Rossi created the Arts Mentoring Toolkit that includes SETS: Student Evaluation & Tracking System and Venturing Together: Empowering Students to Succeed. In 2008 he and his wife Mary founded Merge Education to disseminate these materials.

A creative learner, Bill was put at risk as a child by teachers who deemed him unable to learn. Were it not for a music teacher who steadily mentored him for years he might have gone the dead-end route of so many others like him, but this one person gave him a new perspective on life and the confidence that he had the inner intelligence and power to self-educate. And so he did.

His journey into self-education led him into a spiritual practice he’s maintained since the late 1960s which includes meditation and contemplation that lead to self-understanding. Rossi attributes the effectiveness of his approach to this practice.

The Approach Designed to Cultivate an Inner Life

Working with the Merge Mentoring Method, teachers actively and naturally lead students to understand themselves, and as a result students experience improved relationships, the desire to take personal responsibility, and the ability to self-educate.

Explore the YATMA site to learn more about Rossi’s method and the materials he created to support it. YATMA currently offers these materials and receives the profit from those sales.